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What is the Greater Houston Society of Echo-Vascular (GHSEV)? The Greater Houston Society of Echo-Vascular is a non-profit organization of medical professionals practicing in the field of cardiovascular ultrasound. The organization is comprised of over 80 physicians and sonographers. Founded in 1998, the organization serves as a source of continuing education and means of communication among ultrasound professionals.

Is the the GHSEV a chapter of the American Society of Echocardiography? No, we are a separate organization. We are listed with the ASE under Local Society Pages, and we support ASE's goals and ideals.

Who runs the GHSEV? The GHSEV is run by a Board of Directors. All our board members and officers volunteer their services.

Who can join the GHSEV? The GHSEV is open to anyone with an interest in cardiac and vascular ultrasound. Our membership includes sonographers, physicians, and representatives of companies that manufacture ultrasound equipment and related supplies.

Do I have to be a registered sonographer? While the GHSEV encourages all sonographers to become registered as a sign of their dedication and competence, it is not a requirement for membership. Many of our members are physicians and cardiology fellows. Others are sonographers currently practicing cardiovascular Ultrasound and studying for their exams while some are students still in ultrasound school.

What is the cost of membership? Dues are $25.00 annually. Non Members requesting CMEs may pay $10 at the meeting.

Where do my dues go? Most of the money collected from members goes toward CME events. There are many administrative costs, CME certificates, fees to obtain CME credits, etc. The meetings are expensive and are made possible largely through the generous support of ultrasound manufacturers.

What are the benefits of membership? We offer continuing education credits in the form of lectures by nationally known speakers, or the presentation of interesting or unusual cases by our local echocardiography experts. We offer an environment that encourages dialogue between physicians and sonographers that covers a variety of topics, including clinical applications, reimbursement issues, management issues, etc. This is an opportunity to interact with peers in a neutral setting and a relaxed atmosphere in the Houston Metro area on a regular basis.

Is any of the money used for political reasons? None of the money raised by the GHSEV is used for lobbying or any other political purpose.

How do I join? Use Join GHSEV to use Pay Pal or Square Marketplace,or View and Print the Membership Application (requires Adobe Acrobat ), and mail it with a check or money order to the address at the bottom of the form.







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